Jeremy Scott x My Pet Monster?! Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott 2012 Fall/Winter Footwear Collection | Hypebeast

Check out this sneaky peek of next season’s offerings from Jeremy Scott for Adidas.

It’s no surprise that the man who brought us a collection called The Right to Bear Arms featuring rifle-totin’ dissidents from Care-a-Lot, should begin to explore the darker side of 80′s stuffed toys.

It’s almost beyond doubt that the inspiration behind this shoe was the snarlin’, growlin’ My Pet Monster, who was busting his chains  all over the latter part of that decade and the beginning of the next.

As usual, I fucking love it, and the love doesn’t stop there, oh no…

I’ve always loved snowboarding boots , not for snowboarding, just for y’know, around town but they’re not really designed for it.

It can get quite painful so I was always impressed with Pharell’s commitment to walking around France in those Nike Danny Kass things a few years back.

But lo’, it seems Jeremy is reading my mind again…

I can only assume these are for the streets and not the slopes but they’ve certainly got all the chunky styling of all the boots I covet.

It’s shocking how quickly things become ‘meh’ nowadays but the let’s remember that the JS Bear was genuinely mind-blowing when we first saw it at the end of 2010. The pandas followed on nicely the season after though, personally, I wasn’t too sure about the gorillas that came next but Jeremy’s vision is his vision…

So back for this season are the original bears in this Plug Tunin’ D.A.I.S.Y. Age incarnation along with a super cute hoodie that may or may not be too similar to some other designers’ work for stupid internet trolls to resist calling out in comments sections.

Of course there’s a similarity to some stuffed animal creations worn by Gaga and Nicki Minaj in the last few years or even the D&G skirt on Lil Kim’s 2003 NYLON cover. If anything it’s most like Sebastian Erazzuiz’s 2002 bear jacket, but really, who has a completely original idea in fashion anyway? (*see end of post)

In real life, intelligent life, it’s a top that that matches the shoes. There’s bears on the shoes, so there’s bears on the jacket and it’s brilliant.

Having said all that, I feel almost loathe to point out the similarities between this forthcoming Forum-based buckle beast and L.A. Gear’s Unstoppable collabo with MJ from 1989. I will though, because we’re not ‘those people’ are we.

Similar? Yes, but put buckles on anything and you run the risk of chanelling Bad-era Michael. Whilst I’m sure the pop culture-obsessed designer is more than aware of these (awful!) shoes, Jeremy’s boots look much more an act of taking the buckles from a traditional boot and slapping them on the side of a sneaker.

Who cares anyway? We understand the way fashion and the world works; we’re grown ups.

Grown ups who want to exercise our right to have bears on our arms and wear stuffed toys on our feet!

(*Maybe no-one does have an original idea in fashion but before anyone calls ‘first’ on the whole stuffed-toys-as-clothes thing, if they could at least go back as far as 1992, please, when Legendary i-D stylist Simon Foxton gave us these furry-toy festooned trousers in a shoot entitled We Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet)

UPDATE: Since I wrote this piece the shackles have completely hit the fan and this post has had thousands of hits each day. Click here for my repsonse.

adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott 2012 Fall/Winter Footwear Collection | Hypebeast.

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