Sisleÿum Global Revitaliser

I was just reading the wonderful LibertyLondonGirl‘s review of a Sisley make up remover which reminded me just how excited I am by my new moisturiser.
I’m not really equipped with the scientific knowledge to delve too far into ‘beauty blogging’ or whatever the boys’ equivalent is – ‘grooming’, I expect – but this stuff deserves a mention of some sort.
I’ve long been a fan of Sisley products – a love affair which began with the unbeatable Buff and Wash – though I must admit  in recent years I’ve been blinded by the sheer Dynasty of La Prairie: ‘yes that’s right, I put caviar on my face. Doesn’t everyone?’. In fact, so busy have I been being Joan Collins with power tools, I hadn’t even noticed the advent of Sisleyum for men, which was launched in march last year  – didn’t even know!

But I know now!

When a cosmetics/skincare house does a range for men, it usually means grey packaging coupled with some unfortunate ‘masculine’ smell. Even in the case of Clinique’s M Lotion, ‘fragrance free’  means something so overpoweringly unscented, it may have actually become a scent in itself - ‘*sniffs*…that smells like Clinique’s Fragrance Free doesn’t it?’ . I usually just go for what looks like it might work, regardless of who it’s aimed it (bust firming cream, notwithstanding, obvs).

No need to worry about any of that with here, though. Yes, the packaging is the standard titanium-esqe but that’s not going to be a deal-breaker for many boys – the first thing one really notices is the smell: like most Sisley products this cream smells botanical and about as far away from synthetic as possible. I want to say it smells like lavender but that’s what I say for anything that smells slightly…’herby’. Whatever it is, it’s a reassuring smell which makes you think that what you’re smelling is the ingredients, and that those ingredients must be very good.

“Surely this whole review hasn’t been based on the smell?”

It easily could have been. I already know Sisley products work so the fact that this smells as good as it does would have been review-worthy but, despite having only used it for a week, I can report good things.

Bearing in mind that I make jewellery and hold no aspirations towards this kind of writing, I’m thrilled that the one time I do dip my toe in, I get a chance to legitimately write about ‘party season’ and ‘party skin’. You often read about ‘party season’ and its effect on the skin, well, ’tis that season RIGHT NOW and because of that, I know this stuff is good.

Having dug out the ol’ ‘Well, it is Christmas isn’t it‘ a few weeks too early, my skin was starting to take umbrage and look a bit dull and dry – ALREADY! - but even after the first 24 hours of using this Global Revitaliser it was starting to look better. After two days it appeared back to normal and ready to face the tinsel. If it can sort out the effects of two week’s worth of pre-festivity festivities as easy as that, I look forward to trying out my new armour during the actual festivities.

Of course, a moisturiser is for life, not just for Christmas, and I’m sure Sisleyum will more than prove its worth. Speaking of  ‘worth’ it’s £154 but all the science seems like something you need to pay for, so I’m going to think of it as reassuringly expensive. Like Stella.

See ‘armour’ and Stella – a review for men.

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